The Australian Meteorological Association, AMETA  Inc, is a not-for-profit organisation, established in 1969 to foster interest in, and advance the knowledge of, meteorology and related sciences.  Membership is open to anyone with an interest in meteorology or oceanography  and related disciplines. Regular meetings are held to inform members and promote community understanding of meteorological and related science and services. We welcome any ideas that members or any other interested people might have on what should be included on this site - email your suggestions to Some recent AMETA Newsletters (in PDF format) may be viewed via the following links: MEETINGS TO HIBERNATE BUT CONTACT MAINTAINED All regular AMetA meetings and the proposed series of PWS group meetings, both scheduled from April 2020, have been cancelled due to COVID-19. Meetings will resume at a time and place yet to be determined - hopefully soon. In the mean time, new-look issues of the regular AMetA newsletter (aka Monana), plus a new series PWS newsletters, will be produced and distributed so that we can all remain in (virtual) touch. Members are invited to contribute items to appear in future Monana or PWS Newsletters on almost any topic (preferably with a tinge of weather about them?); email your efforts to our editorial team at Members are invited to check out the new MEMBERS AREA, and to offer any comments and suggestions to the webmaster. In particular, note that the April edition of Monana and the first edition of the PWS Newsletter series are both now available on the Members Area webpage. updated 5/5/20  23:00 PWS PROMOTIONAL COMPETITION WIN AN ARDUINO OR A WEATHER BOOK DETAILS ON PAGE 3 OF APRIL 2020 MONANA