The Australian Meteorological Association, AMETA  Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation, established in 1969 to foster interest in, and advance the knowledge of, meteorology and related sciences.  Membership is open to anyone with an interest in meteorology or oceanography  and related disciplines. Regular meetings are held to inform members and promote community understanding of meteorological and related science and services. Please note that this website continues to be under redevelopment. We welcome any ideas that members or any other interested people might have on what should be included on this site - email your suggestions to A copy of the AMetA October 2014 Newsletter (aka Monana) may be viewed here. John Nairn, as acting Regional Director - South Australian Region, Bureau of Meteorology, gave a  presentation on “A new heatwave warning service for Australia”, which is currently being evaluated.  Subject: “Inversions and Turbulence and their Relevance to Spraying of Agricultural Chemicals”   Speaker: Warwick Grace, of Grace Research.  When:        5.30pm, Monday 16 February 2015 Where: Conference Room. Bureau of Meteorology,  25 College Road, Kent Town. SA Contact:     The Secretary                    AMETA                    PO Box 421                    Kent Town SA 5071. Phone:        8366 2664 Nowadays there is an increasing amount of agricultural spraying conducted at night. Although there are practical advantages to spraying at night compared to spraying during the day, at night there is often an inversion present. The presence of an inversion can lead to some spray drifting off in unexpected directions with the operator unaware of this. The adverse effects of the off-target spray drift then show up  a few days later in other crops several kilometres away.    Over the wheat fields of WA, Graeme Tepper and I have set up instruments to measure inversions, turbulence and wind. We are analysing the measurements with the purpose of identifying rules for night time spraying. Preliminary analyses and our ideas will be presented. This work is sponsored by the Grains Research & Development Corp and the Dep of Agriculture & Food in WA.